AC Milan news: Where to find the latest official news about the club

AC Milan news: Where to find the latest official news about the club
AC Milan news: Where to find the latest official news about the club

Are you searching for a reliable means of getting authentic official news of AC Milan in time? Do you wish to receive information about the Rossoneri only from official channels? Or perhaps, you are wondering how to get the news as it breaks?

You see, just like you, many fans will give anything to receive the latest happenings in their favorite club from official channels only.

Unfortunately, a quick search online would pull up an avalanche of different news sources which if you don’t pay close attention could be mistaken as the official news channels.

This is OK of course since it shows that many people are interested in the San Siro side team and are willing to talk, write, and share their thoughts about the team.

The challenge, however, is that over time, many half-truths, mischievous articles, and misinformation gets published with the intent to mislead and misinform the public.

Hence, turning to the official news sources become not just a matter of common sense but also of survival to filter through the several AC Milan news publishing websites out there.

But, as you may have found out, it can get quite grueling cutting through the clutter. So, to ensure you get all Ac Milan news from only the club’s branded channels, we’ve gone great lengths to list all the official communication channels for you.

The first on our list is the AC Milan’s official website:

For the club’s loyal fans, you can get everything here from the team selection news for a match to each player’s report – what they are up to, their training schedule, their fitness level, and for injured team players, the recovery progress.

You also get a sneak peek into the behind the scenes, can read first hand players and management interviews. There’s a column with after-match reactions; check out the matchday stats. You can also catch up on a bit of history between the Rossoneri and their matchday opponent.

All in all, the Milan website offers all-encompassing 360-degree news about the club.

However, if you’re always on the go, without plenty of time to sit and sink your teeth into the juicy detailed team news on the website; there are other official media distribution channels you can turn to.

AC Milan is active on all the major social media networks, think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube and they are updated regularly. So, no matter your preferred platform, you can rest easy knowing that you will always stay updated with the team news of your favorite football club.

Follow the official AC Milan twitter handle for a daily instant update on the club, match minute by minute update, and other club breaking news.

Join hundreds of thousands of other passionate supporters on YouTube to watch match highlights, training sessions, and interviews.

Then head over to Instagram to salivate over the HD crisp, clear pictures that capture the best moments during a match.


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