The changing face of Orihuela Costa Politics

The group claim that they already have 600 promises of votes

Whilst the party of the Orihuela Costa might not be the force that it once was, CLARO is still alive and well, that is according to Helene Akerman, it’s very first female President who was elected to take the party forward just two weeks ago at the 13th Annual General Meeting.

But with diminishing support, and with mass resignations threatening to tear the party apart, it seems currently to be a party in turmoil, and one can only wonder how much longer it will survive.

The CLARO difficulties, coupled with the emergence of the new Citizens Movement, AE Orihuela Costa, are already beginning to see a shift of power on the coast.

AE already provides a better cross section of support than CLARO ever enjoyed with activists made up from local residents associations, community and trader associations, as well as school parent associations and members of the voting public.

CLARO Board Member Bob Houliston is also an AE campaigner and, together with coordinator Iván Pérez, he has been working on establishing the organisational roots for some little while.

Although the group is not allied to any political party it’s arrival onto the local scene is bred from the outrage and the abandonment felt by coastal residents at the treatment they are receiving from Orihuela’s politicians.

Pérez said that the association needs the support of 1500 residents on the Orihuela Costa who are prepared to support them with their votes. This will allow the group to formally register their contention for the May Municipal elections.

Although the movement was formally launched last weekend the campaign already claim to have accrued 600 promises of votes, which they will hopefully add to with a concerted campaign in the New Year.

Information about the organisation can be found at:


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