5 Difficulties Every Spanish Student Faces When Learning English

5 Difficulties Every Spanish Student Faces When Learning English

The world believes English is among the easiest language to master. Well, ask any Spanish student who is learning English for the first time.  Yes, English is not as hard as Greek Language or Chinese because it is based on Latin Alphabets.  Still, there are many aspects of English which are harder to learn than we think. Consider the following:
Everyone learning to speak a new language will face issues with pronunciation. It’s because of the differences between their mother tongue and the new language. Spanish Student face the same issue as English has twelve vowels and eight diphthongs where Spanish has only five vowels and five diphthongs.
This is a major reason why Spanish students learning English have issues understanding the difference between words like “beat” and “bit.” These students often confuse consonants “V” and “B” while S for “Sue with the sound of “z” in “Zoo.”
Another issue is Spanish has “e” before every “s” on a word starting with S, this is why Spanish students find it hard to pronounce the initial “S,” they have to add the sound of “E” which confuses the word. For instance, “stock” becomes “estock.”
The Spanish rhythm gives syllables equal lengths, but English gives more time to accent syllables. The even rhythm in English of Spanish students makes it hard to understand.
Spanish and English have many similar words. These words have both their advantages and Disadvantages, but many false words create confusion. These pairs sound the same, but their meaning remains different. For instance, “Assist” and “Asistir,” “College” and “Colegio,” “Exit” and “Exito.” 
The story doesn’t end with words; some phrasal verbs are more difficult for people who speak Spanish thanks to their command on Latin, and French vocabulary. Therefore, if you are a Spanish student who needs to write an English Assignment, consider hiring a custom writing service.
5 Difficulties Every Spanish Student Faces When Learning English
Spanish has more verbs ending as compared to English. Spanish doesn’t always need a subject to complete sentences. Thanks to this, Spanish students omit subject pronouns when using English. They tend to copy the Spanish Word Order and depart from English structure which consists of the word need subject, verb, and object order. Spanish students also confuse genders for the third person.
Spelling and Punctuation
People fluent in Spanish have trouble learning English, especially spelling as they are used to a more Phonetic System. There are different ways to spell the same sound in English. English causes issues in words like Touch and Fluff. Many vowels sound and diphthongs also create trouble because Native Spanish speakers simplify their English to only two or three consonants. They get confused when it comes to spelling double letters instead of single letters.
Silent Phonemes
Last but not least, students often have trouble learning words with silent phonemes. These students pronounce every single letter or phoneme because Pronunciation in Spanish is very straightforward as compared to English. The Linguistic Difficulties are very challenging, but once the problems are highlighted, it helps to focus their effort and to get rid of such differences.  


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