PSOE insists work at Plaza de Toros is ‘sub standard’

PSOE insists work at Plaza de Toros is ‘sub standard’

Despite the fact that the company carrying out the refurbishment work on the water supply system at the Orihuela Bull Ring, insist that their work has been completed the PSOE spokeswoman Carolina Gracia, says that it is a long way from being finished.

Gracia has now denounced the company saying that there is still lots to be done, in addition to which the mayor has now also been given photographs that also show much of the pipework still to be connected to the water supplies and remaining outstanding.

However the company maintains that it has carried out all of the preparatory works required by the contract at a cost of 40,000 euros and is demanding payment.

The Socialist Group have shown a letter from Hidraqua, meanwhile, in which the City Council was warned that the connection works and connection to the general network itself had not been possible since much of the work carried out by the contractor was not of a suitable standard.

The Plaza de Toros was one of the mayor’s flagship products and for this reason, Gracia has asked Bascuñana “not to allocate any more money to the initial project until such time as the current problems have been resolved.


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