The climax is fast approaching

John Down & Andrew Walten

With only four races left the competitors were all keen to do well in the SAMM races on November 11th, but some non-resident members had already returned to their main homes so the entry was down to six only boats.

Julian Singleton

The weather was also not conducive to exciting competition with less than2 knots of wind as the normal start time approached so the race officer delayed the start until 12 noon and reduced the race time to 60 minutes.

At the start the wind had increased to SE 3 knots, just sufficient to move the only big and heavier boat, the Balaton Groups “Lavanter” and all crossed the line in less than a minute of the start signal, except “Rosita who did not start until 16 minutes later.

The wind was very patchy with holes in it as it increased and died and the boats that started to pull ahead were those whose crews saw this and adjusted their course accordingly. At the end of lap 1 three boats, Shoestrings Omega and Dos and the Topaz, were neck and neck. By lap 3 the wind had increased to 4-5 knots and to ESE 6 knots by lap 5. This spread out the fleet and helped them sail faster, so most completed 5 to 7 laps in the hour except “Rosita” who only managed 2 laps.

After handicaps were applied the winner was the Omega, John Down and Andrew Walten, with the Topaz, Julian Singleton, second.

Everybody was hoping that the wind would increase a little more for the afternoon race but this was not to be and it had dropped to E 2.5 knots for the second race start at 2.15pm. It was a good start with all boats crossing the line within 45 seconds of the signal, except “Rosita” again but this time only 1 minute 41 seconds behind. The wind became very fickle varying from SSE to S then back again and never exceeding 3.5 knots so, once again those who read the changes did better but still only the Topaz managed 4 laps and all the others only 3, except “Rosita” who had retired.

This extra lap made it a clear win by the Topaz with “Lavanter”, Robert Hudson, Nik Novak and Shelly Ryves-Lugger, second, 97 seconds a lap slower, but still a great result, in the conditions, for such a heavy boat.

For the third week running the SAMM support boat, Martin, Dave and Graeme, went to the aid of a non-SAMM vessel, a large Spanish owned power boat that had experienced engine failure. Great job guys.


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