Torrevieja Christian Fellowship (TCF) – a large English-speaking Church began 31 years ago with a handful of Christians  in the home of a Missionary.   

We are currently located in Cortes de la Valencianas, 68,  in Torrevieja where the average Sunday attendance is 176 people.   We have been there for over eight years when we converted the building into the lively and thriving church it is today.

We are about to enter a new exciting chapter.  Our rent in May 2019 is due to increase and we find ourselves unable to afford to stay.  Instead we are looking to search and buy our own  building to convert into our Church and we are currently seeking a bank mortgage.   Since January 2018 we have had two gift giving days in TCF and the congregation have so far generously raised an amazing 110,000 euros.    The mortgage when secured will be less than the rent we are paying now!

Said Pastor Chris, who has only been in post for just  17 months “when my wife Helena and I took up the helm, little did we know that we would not only  be relocating to Spain but also relocating TCF as well!   

The Church Members have not only welcomed and supported us since arriving,  but in unity are rising to the challenge of finding a new Church building which will allow us room for expansion and new community initiatives!”

He added “We still have quite a way to go to raise enough money for the deposit on a new church building – with sufficient funds to convert it so we have a large worship auditorium, multiple rooms for kids church, reception, meeting and prayer rooms, kitchen and coffee lounge – but we have faith that its God’s will we should “step  out of the boat” and do this for His Kingdom.   Watch this space…..”


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