Palace for sale in Orihuela

Palace for sale in Orihuela

A thousand metre plot in Orihuela city, two thousand artefacts and pieces of furniture and a building that was built over three centuries ago, with 13 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a facade that fronts onto three streets, at a cost of only four million euros. The Palace of the Marquis of Rafal, in the historic centre of Orihuela, has been put up for sale.

The heraldic shields on the corner and the doorways characterize a building that was built in the XVIII century, although the facade was restored between 1915 and 1920.

The property, which is located next door to the tourist information office, is being sold by the descendants of Santiago Pardo-Manuel de Villena and Berthelemy, the 16th Marqués de Rafal, Grande de España, who died in Orihuela in 2013 aged 81.

For the heirs of the Marquis it has not been easy the decision to put the property, that ennobles the heart of the urban area of Orihuela, on sale but in the final decision to disassociate from the family property has been influenced by the City Council’s decision to withdraw the name of the Marquess of Rafal from the square where it is located.

“The house, in addition to being located in the historic centre of Orihuela, is catalogued”, so it cannot be modified and all of its main elements must be retained, says Iván Valdesevilla, the commercial sales manager, who has also created a dedicated page on the internet to show off the property,

The building houses pictorial works of interest including pieces from the Flanders school, from the Spanish school of the 18th century and sculptures by José María Sánchez Lozano, as well as a collection of tapestries and a library. But if the buyer wants to acquire those goods also they will have to pay extra.



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