A New World Of Lottery

A New World Of Lottery

The world of lottery has come a long way since the UK National Lottery was launched in late 1994 by the legend that is Noel Edmonds, with a huge number of changes to all the major parts of any lottery including jackpot amounts, numbers of balls, payout tables, additional games, and even different ticket prices.
Not only this but of course we have also had the addition of the EuroMillions draw to the mix in 2004 and the advent of lottery betting in more recent years with the likes of The Lotter and Lottoland providing their services on draws from all around the world.
Now For Something Free
Aside from the addition of lottery betting providers in recent years, the other major addition to the market has been the launch of some free lottery sites who give away money for free and instead use ad revenue on their sites to fund the prize pools.
This started with the Free Postcode Lottery (now called Pick My Postcode after a law suit with the People’s Postcode Lottery) who give away money each day based on your postcode, was followed by a few pretenders who didn’t quite cut the mustard, and now there is a new kid on the block called Free National Lotto (also known by the abbreviation FNL) which is an interesting development for lottery fans.
How Does Free National Lotto Work?
Much like Pick My Postcode the prizes are generated by ad revenue, but don’t worry, you don’t get spammed to death in order for them to make money, instead you are simply asked to return to the site every day to check whether you have won one of the draws, and they then sell banner advertising to you to make their money.
When you sign up you register a selection of 5 numbers out of 40 and it’s this set of numbers you use to enter the two draws currently available which are the Daily Draw and the 5-Ball Draw.
What Can I Win? How Can I Win It?
The Daily Draw, as the name suggests, is drawn every day and is currently giving away £5 each day with rollovers occurring if no-one claims the win. The 5-Ball Draw is really where it’s at though as the prize pool is currently heading quickly towards £2,000 and again rolls over if not won.
To win either of these draws you need to go to the site and check the numbers, if you are a winner you will see a claim button and you just need to click on that to claim. You will be sent the funds via PayPal.
Checking Your Numbers
If you go their lottery results section you can check both the results of the two FNL draws but handily they also publish the results from loads of other world lotteries such as the UK Lotto, EuroMillions, the Irish Lotto and more, so it’s really your one stop shop to check whether you’re a lottery winner or not.
How FNL Works