Hardly is there a country more passionate about sports than the United Kingdom. Homeland to some of the most popular sports on the planet, the UK organises tens of different sports events each year for fans to enjoy. Of course, since the UK is home to sports betting as well, punters can bet on every sports event in the UK, regardless of the type of sport and the prestige of the event.
In the following article, we will discuss some of the most important sports events on UK land – each of these events is available for betting.
Major Tennis Events
Tennis might not be an English game, but it is especially popular among UK citizens. There are about 21,200 tennis courts in the UK and the country also hosts some of the most elite tennis tournaments in the world. Below, we will discuss some of them.
The Championships, Wimbledon
Known simply as Wimbledon, the Championships is the first tennis tournament in the world – the inauguration event was held more than 130 years ago. The Championship is held at the All English Club every year and lasts for two weeks – from the end of June to the beginning of July. Moreover, Wimbledon is part of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, but it is the only tournament played on a grass court.
With tens of thousands of visitors each year and a rich history dating back to 1877, Wimbledon is the most beloved tennis tournament on UK ground.
Nature Valley Open
Nature Valley Open, also known as Nottingham Open, is a major tennis tournament, held in Nottingham since 1970. The Nottingham Open is part of the ATP Challenger Tour and, similarly to Wimbledon, it is played on grass courts.
The Nottingham Open is an event where both men and women compete; for women, the tournament is part of the international events on the women’s tennis tour. Finally, the event is traditionally held in June and acts as a training before the third Grand Slam tournament – Wimbledon.
Major Horse Racing Events
The history of horse racing in the UK dates back to the time of King Charles II. In fact, it was no other than the King who initiated the first organised horse racing events in history. Ever since then, the British have been captivated by this exciting sport. Curiously enough, even when almost all forms of gambling were illegal in the UK, betting on horses remained a legal and prestigious activity.
At present, there are various different horse racing events in the UK; below, we will focus on two of them.
Grand National
Arguably the most popular jumps horse race event on the planet is the Grand National, which was inaugurated back in 1839. As a matter of fact, the Grand National is so popular that it is watched by most UK citizens, regardless of whether they like horse racing or not.
The Grand National is a unique handicap spectacle. This is a race that is difficult to win and whereas it does not offer as much thrill as other horse races, it certainly remains the best of them all.
As it is the most famous horse race event in the UK, the Grand National is available at best betting sites.
Epsom Derby
The Epsom Derby is a flat horse race, held in Surrey since 1780. The Epsom Downs Racecourse is the racecourse on which this prestigious and highly praised event is held, and it is often regarded as one of the most challenging racecourses in the UK.
The Epsom Derby is enviably popular as it provides viewers with the unique chance to see UK’s best thoroughbreds and trainers. Finally, the event is incredibly popular among horse racing punters.
Major Football Events
Without a doubt, football is the most popular sport on UK land. Home to the most prestigious leagues in the world, the UK hosts major football events each year. In the lines below, we will discuss the biggest football event on the planet – the Premier League Championship – which is highly praised not only in the UK, but all over the globe.
Premier League Championship
Established back in 1992, the English Premier League is comprised of the 22 best teams in the UK. The Championship, which determines the best team in the Premier League, is held on an annual basis, between August and May. Each teams plays a total of 38 matches – one home and one away. When the championship ends, the three teams on the bottom of the ranking table are relegated to the EFL – the UK’s second tier football league.
The Premier League Championship is the richest and most famous football championship in existence. Each year, it generates billions of pounds in media rights. Last, but not least, the Premier League is the most popular football event for wagering.


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