The difference between Bitcoin online casino sites and classic ones

The difference between Bitcoin online casino sites and classic ones

What’s the difference between Bitcoin online casino sites and classic ones? The Bitcoin currency (or cryptocurrency) first appeared in 2009, and entered the international scene in 2011 when it became popular all over the world.

It is different from traditional currencies, because it has no regulating institution like the central bank, and because it is always used according to equality principles without depending on a particular country. Today, there even exist bitcoin casinos with bonuses offering to process money operations with the cryptocurrency in the way equal to that of dollars, euro and so on.

Types of Bitcoin Casino Operators

It is not that easy to find an online casino designed to accept and withdraw cryptocurrency only. Still, they exist on the Internet, and you can find lists of the best bitcoin online casino sites not intentionally while searching for the usual instant one. But be careful, and check the authority of a website publishing the list you would like to use: in modern era of online technologies, even such a cool invention as a bitcoin can be used with evil purposes.

If to say about the gambling market shortly, there can be noted such types of online casinos:

  • Classic online casinos, accepting only usual currencies: dollars, euro, pounds, etc. These platforms still hold the majority because of their payment systems are easily accessible for most of their visitors.
  • Updated providers which accept virtual currency in their online casinos, but haven’t yet refused from using traditional payment systems at the same time. This means, the user has the possibility to add funds to their balance with dollars, for instance, and to use cryptocurrency later.
  • Exclusive Bitcoin casinos, offering to deal only with the newest cryptocurrency. You make bets with Bitcoins, you withdraw funds in Bitcoins and receive bonuses in that currency, too. This is a new step in the development of gambling business which occupies the virtual world very quickly.

It should be mentioned that many new bitcoin online casino sites which work with different types of currencies simultaneously obligatory demand the client to confirm their personal info. Still, the procedure does not require your name and address. They ask you to send a bank account bill, household payment paper etc.

Unique Bonuses Offered

As most part of modern online gambling operators, Bitcoin online casino sites offer their clients to use different bonus options. They allow making the game more interesting, attractive and exciting in earnings, because some bonuses are offered as they are without deposits or withdrawals required.

Most popular Bitcoin casinos add (minor parts of a Bitcoin) to the gambler’s balance from time to time. These satoshi don’t mean too much for a casino, but they can become a serious aid for the player because of being added regularly.

Welcoming bonuses are to be mentioned separately. Depending on a casino, they can offer free bitcoins to make bets on slots, poker or roulette, etc.

How to Play the Best Bitcoin Casino Online

There is a simple and clear list of features for an online Bitcoin casino to confirm its reliability. These criteria can be confirmed with comments by hundreds of gamblers creating some kind of statistics:

  • Every Bitcoin casino has to obtain a gambling license obligatory. This is the common rule for both non-deposit online casinos and classical portals not accepting cryptocurrency. The license and its type can be checked directly on the website.
  • High-quality software. It is recommended to pay attention to platforms cooperating with trusted online casino software developing companies, such as: NetEnt, Microgaming,  Playtech and others.
  • A good reputation means as much as the license availability. The way to check the casino’s reputation is pretty standard: read comments, feedbacks, forums and gambling news websites.
  • Responsible and careful gambling is the obligatory element of winning strategies. Even if you play Bitcoin casinos without deposits first, later fund adding procedures and withdraw depend on the player’s ability to control their mind and to make a step aside their excitement if needed.

Today, online Bitcoin casinos are among the best examples of high-quality virtual gambling providers. Their advantages mainly come out of cryptocurrencies which can easily be operated without the control of any government. Moreover, Bitcoin casinos offer better payment percentages, and this fact can’t be ignored by gamblers all over the world.


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