Monte stop the rot after 5 defeats

Monte stop the rot after 5 defeats


Captain Fernando not available for this important match, a match that Monte had to get at least a point to stop the rot of 5 consecutive losses. Vaz was Captain for the day.

Monte started off well attacking and in 3 minutes a great pass from the left to Vaz with an open goal, but was ruled offside. After 16 minutes it’s all Monte, but not going our way with shots hitting the uprights, cross bar, and over the top.

There was corner after corner, however after 18 min’s following a great run down the left and Vaz scores. Could have been more but then within 1minute Hondon equalise 1-1.

On 26 minutes there was a foul for Monte just out-side the box. A yellow card was issued, but we put it straight over the top. On 29 minutes Liam with just the goalie to beat, but misses.

On 33 minutes Monte had a free-kick just outside the box and we send it straight into hands of the Hondon keeper. On 38 minutes Alex with no one to beat hits it straight into keeper’s hands.

One minute later Hondon’s no 22 scores,2-1.

Half time 2-1 scrappy first half overall with probably Monte slightly better team but too many misses.

2nd half 2-1 down on a small pitch not only narrow but goal keeper can kick ball straight at other goal keeper. How does Monte turn it around? don’t know but understand we are playing better than on Thursday. 1minute free kick to Hondon with Manager Carlos going mad shouting at his team. On 51 minutes  Vaz can’t keep the ball under control but we get a corner, but nothing comes of this.

On 57 minutes Alex hits over the bar. Dimitry and Dario off, and  Omar and Maccan on. On 68 minutes penalty for Monte after Liam was brought down but Vaz puts it straight over the top. 

But no problem as Vaz makes up for the his miss with his second goal, 2-2. On 70 minutes Vaz was away and being held back by their defence on his own, and ref’ gives free-kick the other way! But should have been a red card. Once again ref’ not in our court for this game. German on, Diego off.

Monte were still pressing but getting no-where and then into extra time something going on, on the other side of pitch and Manager Carlos Perez gets a red and sent off.  Game over 2-2 on 93 minutes.

Hopefully, Monte have turned a corner, and start playing the game that we know are capable of. Monte are at home next weekend against CD Dolores. Keep eye open on CD Montesinos facebook page, where all details are posted as soon as we know them.

Team:- Carlos, Dimitry ,Manuel, Morante, Alex, Dario, Daniel, Liam, Diego, Vaz, no.14, Ricardo, German, Stephen, Macca, Omar

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