FAOC celebrates its 4th Birthday

FAOC celebrates its 4th Birthday

FAOC celebrated it’s 4th birthday last on the anniversary of which the Residents Association repeated its demands for improved services on the Orihuela Costa. In so doing it thanked residents, collaborators and associations that have helped it to grow into a formidable voice for the Coast. 

WE WANT our Association to continue to grow and to face the challenges ahead, demanding that our leaders stop making promises that never come true…

WE WANT a fair distribution of the wealth that we contribute to the municipal budget, in the form of services and an efficient infrastructure that will solve our serious deficiencies….

WE WANT an efficient wasted disposal system, decent parks and gardens, children’s play areas that are well cared for, clean streets and pavements that are without pot holes and are free of weeds; palm trees and pine trees that receive the care they need; ramblas and ravines that have the maintenance they deserve; efficient public lighting; a cultural centre and sports facilities that meet the needs of our residents.

“We want nothing more than what we are due” they said 



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