Community insurer rejects collapse claims

Community insurer rejects collapse claims

The eight houses on calle Limón that suffered serious damage from a landslide a month ago are irreparable. They must be demolished to guarantee the safety of the remainder of the urbanisation in which they are located.

The causes of these damage has not yet been determined but are not included in the cover provided by the community insurance, so the insurer will not demolish or compensate the eight. Neither can the promoters or architects be held responsible because the properties were erected 22 years ago and are no longer covered by any guarantee.

According to the community administrator, Antonio Felices, the 134 owners will pay for the demolition, a sum that could reach 60,000 euros. However, it will not be carried out until the architect hired by the urbanisation and the municipal surveyor issue their own reports on the causes. The priority is to clarify how the task is going to be carried out and to try to get the owners who are left with nothing, beyond a piece of empty land, some compensation.


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