The Euronics Darts League Week 4


Junction Panthers v Pint Depot Queens

A tight first triples finished with Debbie Wright taking the first triple with D1.  The second triple went to the Panthers with an outstanding performance from Steve Harper scoring 118 and finishing on D20. 

The last was a close triple with a brilliant performance from Debbie again scoring 105 and finishing on D5 putting the Queens in the lead.  Sonya from the Panthers took the first doubles with D20 and Paul finished on D20.  An evenly matched game ended at half time with a score of 3-3 courtesy of Vi finishing the third triples on D1. 

The first two doubles went to the Queens with great scores and finishes from Lorraine on D15 and Vi on D1. It was nip and tuck in the third single with Sonya sneaking it for the Panthers with D3.  There were some fantastic scores in the next single between Debbie and Paul with Paul finishing on D4 and Steve taking the next singles with D20. 

The last match was the decider and was a tight match between Dickie and Rachel, but Dickie saved the day for the Panthers finishing on D1.  Man of the match went to Dickie for the Panthers and Debbie for the Queens.  Always a great night with the Queens. 

Fire Station Black Watch v Las Rosas Bullies

Las Rosas Bullies stormed into a 2-game lead in the trebles at the Fire Station despite Dessie Shirley (100) & Les Adams (100) efforts for the home team. For the Bullies, Dave Knighton D1 & eventual MOTM John Spencer D2 finished better. Jem Gledhill also stunned the crowd with an impressive 180!

The Fire Station Black Watch snatched the last treble with Dessie Shirley finishing on D8.

The Bullies carried on where they left off with 3 more straight wins in the pairs despite Fire Station Black Watch Terry Bridger’s valiant 116 and Les Adams 125. Deadly finishing by John Baden D16. Mario Garcia D3 and Dave Knighton D7 increased the visitors lead at the half way stage to 5-1.

After half time the Bullies won the next 5 out of 6 singles with The Fire Station Black Watch MOTM John Crabbe D17 the only victor for the home team.

The Bullies singles finishers were Antonio Garcia D5, Adrian Butikaht (100) D16, Jem Gledhill D16, Mario Garcia (100) D20 & John Spencer (121, 116).

Angels Arrows v Fire Station Green Watch

The first treble went to Angels Arrows with Paul Cripwell (100) and Phil Waller with a very impressive 180! D1. The second treble went to Fire Station Green Watch, Michael Le Blond D2 to even the score but Angels Arrows pulled back the last treble Phil Waller D1.

All 3 doubles went to Angels Arrows, Kain Hickman D1, Paul Cripwell D20, Ron Chadwick D2.

Martin Hastings took the first single for Angels Arrows with D2, followed by Karl Cooper D4 and Phil Waller D2.  Fire Station Green Watch fought back to win the next two singles, Roger Phipps D16, Viv Perryman D2 even with Kain Hickman’s impressive (100, 100). Ron Chadwick claimed the last single with D1.

Man Of The Match:  Angels Arrows Ron Chadwick and Fire Station Green Watch Roger Phipps.


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