Torrevieja hospital breaks record with 11 deliveries in a single day

Torrevieja hospital breaks record with 11 deliveries in a single day

Records were broken at the University Hospital of Torrevieja last week when eleven babies were born in a single day. Of the eleven, 8 were boys and there were 3 girls and it is understood that all the children and the mothers doing extremely well.

The maternity ward in Torrevieja has recently implemented such initiatives as music therapy, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, spherodynamics as well as epidurals, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The goal is to ensure maximum relaxation for those in childbirth so that they can live every moment of the birth, enjoying a unique experience.

The mothers have the option of being accompanied throughout the process. In addition, Torrevieja hospital is one of the few centres in Spain that allows fathers access to cesareans, so that, regardless of how the baby reaches the world, both parents can enjoy this unique moment in the life of their child.

The Mother-Child Unit has individual rooms for the mother and father, where, during admission, they have personalised attention. A gynecologist and a pediatrician visit daily; and a nursing team specialised in puerperal and newborn care, are available to mothers 24 hours a day.

The midwives do not finish their work following the birth, but they continue their relationship with the parents during the following days and until the hospital discharge. They support the mothers in everything they need, encouraging breastfeeding and, together with nursing, reinforcing the concepts of basic care for their newborn child.