I call Samaritans because I want someone to listen

I call Samaritans because I want someone to listen

Losing her father

“My dad killed himself just before Christmas. It hit me hard, I was only 14.

“I really tried to cope with everything, but I just found it so difficult – I felt so empty. I suppose I became pretty morbid.

“I got into a bad relationship and started hurting myself. It was a horrible time, but I finally found the strength to leave my boyfriend and go to college.

Another tragedy

“Things were good for a while and I met someone new.

“Then when I was 21 I discovered I was pregnant.

“I was really looking forward to being a Mum; I bought all the books and some little sleepsuits. But I lost the baby.

“Everything bad seems to happen to me. I know my friends want to be there for me but I just don’t feel like I can talk to them. 

“That’s why I’ve tended to spend a lot of time on my own.

“But whenever things have got too much, I’ve always been able to talk to Samaritans.

“And when I do I know there’ll be someone there to listen. Someone to say, “You’re doing alright,” and who won’t judge me.

Looking to the future

“As for now, I’ve got a new job, which is good, and I’m planning to do better in the future.

“I feel like I’m ready to cope again.

“But I know that if I need someone to talk to, if it all gets too much, I can talk to Samaritans.”

Remember you can call Samaritans on Freephone 900 525 100

Email us at pat@samaritansinspain.com

Or Call 634 328 612 to organise a WhatsApp call.



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