The Ultimate TV & Movie Cars List

The Ultimate TV & Movie Cars List

For car lovers, the best part of some movies is the cool car you get to watch in action. Whether it’s the Ghostbuster’s “Ecto-1”, the Bandit’s 1977 Pontiac Firebird, or even the caped crusader’s Bat-mobile, these vehicles can leave an impression stronger than the movie itself for some of us.

Well, the folks at Auto Accessories Garage have collected and archived as many famous movie and TV cars as they could muster, and they’ve put all the information in a fun, interactive page, The Ultimate TV & Movie Famous Cars List.

With this guide, you can look at images and fun facts relating to the most memorable movie and television vehicles of all time. You can even sort the guide by vehicle type, movie or TV, decade, or by whether or not Tom Selleck appears.

And if you see any missing vehicles, you can even suggest additions at the bottom of the page. Whether you’re a movie lover, a TV lover, a car lover, or all three rolled into one, this is a great page to spend some time on.

This guide is excellent for remembering and reliving your favorite TV and movie scenes that involve cars. All of the vehicles from your favorite chases, stunts, and explosions can be found here.

Some of these vehicles have now become inextricably linked to the films and television shows in which they’ve appeared. For example, the Pontiac Aztek has now become known as the Walter White car or Breaking Bad car.

Who can look at an old Volkswagen Beetle without thinking of the classic movie, Herbie? And we’d wager that no one ever sees a Delorean DMC-12 without thinking of the flux-capaciter-running time machine of the Back to the Future trilogy.

Take some time to browse this list and see how many vehicles you remember from your favorite movies and television shows.


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