Photography Competition on Ghost Urbanizations

Photography Competition on Ghost Urbanizations

The platform in collaboration with the Clic Clac Photo Circle of Yecla has organized the First Photography Contest on ghost urbanizations whose theme revolves around the landscape consequences of the real estate crisis in the Spanish Levante.

Magdalena Rico Palao, lawyer of the platform that defends those affected who lost their homes and their money and sponsor of this contest has given her collaboration because “we must not forget the effects that the housing bubble has left on our towns, and what is more important, in the families that entrusted their savings to unscrupulous promoters.

We think that through photographic art we can help to preserve graphic testimony of a disaster that should never have happened. ”

The work delivery dates have been extended. Participants can submit up to three papers and the deadline for delivery is extended until December 30, 2018.

The complete rules of the contest can be found at

Photography Competition on Ghost Urbanizations


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