New students enrolled at Air Academy

New students enrolled at Air Academy

A student from the Thai Armed Forces, four from the United States and two from France, joined over a hundred Spanish cadets last Thursday as part of the new intake of specialists who are hoping to graduate as officer pilots and engineers from the AGA in five years’ time.

Along with four hundred returning students, they were welcomed to the Los Alcazares Air Academy by the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Alejo de la Torre, who reminded them of their ambitious life choice saying, “Do not forget that you are also preparing to be combatants, and that you could be asked to perform in a situation of possible risk that will almost certainly impact on the work of your colleagues.”

He was joined by the director of the AGA, Miguel Ivorra, who gave them the advice: “Trust in yourselves and keep in mind the responsibility and commitment of your service to Spain , which it is the hallmark of this great military family. ”

They were addressing a total of 524 students, belonging to ten different study plans, including pilot training, logistics and a wide range of engineering courses that will be held at the University of Defence and the University of Cartagena (UPCT).


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