CLARO demand better treatment for the Orihuela Costa

CLARO leader Roman Jimenez

On Monday 10th September Roman Jimenez, President of C.L.A.R.O, handed a 28 page appeal to the local Government against the unfair Orihuela / Orihuela Costa budget.

As he demanded Financial Autonomy Jimenez said “We do not think that the town of Orihuela Costa can be ruled from 33 kms away.  We demand an ENTE LOCAL MENOR, financial autonomy, our own councillors, our own budget and our own territory.

In a press release CLARO said that Orihuela Costa residents are fed up being treated as second-class citizens, not receiving the funds necessary to improve our lives.  C.L.A.R.O. is campaigning on behalf of everyone living in Orihuela Costa. 

We want to be treated equal to residents in Orihuela town and 27 surrounding villages. 

In order to stop this kind of biased treatment citizens must be on the Padron and in possession of Residencia, making sure they have exercised their right to be on the voting register at the Padron office by the end of December. That will enable them to be eligible to vote in next May’s elections. And then VOTE.

C.L.A.R.O demands the local Government in Orihuela provide urgently the following :

  • Completion of Emergency Centre with 24 hour cover.
  • Save Cala Mosca – No houses or Apartments. Create a natural area on the last parcel of land in Orihuela Costa by the Mediterranean Sea. 
  • Develop a Cultural Centre to include a library, Social Activities, musical school, language school, cafe and auditorium. This will improve the lives of everyone as well as will increase the chances to get a better job for the 5 000 young people living here. It will increase the value of our properties as well and will improve the benefits of the businesses here in the city of Orihuela Costa.
  • Establish a Cemetery for Orihuela Costa Residents.
  • Increase the number of Police Officers & Patrol cars in Orihuela Costa.
  • Improve the local bus network, providing Timetables, Overhead shelters and Benches.
  • Repair and upgrade the drainage system.
  • Develop anEco Park.
  • Create a pedestrian bridge over the N332 at Alameda del Mar (by Lidl) to Cala Mosca and widen the road from Lomas de Campoamor to the Health Center with a new footbridge.
  • Develop a local Business Park for job opportunities and Youth Apprenticeships and the creation and development of Small Business Enterprises – through grants and loans.
  • Develop a Day Care Centre offering respite
  • Develop a Hospice for end of life care.
  • Develop a Mother & Toddlers Centre.
  • Develop a Centre for the Homeless and victims of Gender Abuse in Orihuela Costa.
  • Develop a Youth Centre to include a sports centre with multiple facilities.
  • Expand and improve the cycle lane system throughout Orihuela Costa.
  • Stop all building work until the infrastructure needed for the existing houses is improved.
  • Improvements to neglected urbanisations.
  • Benefits and discounts for the elderly:  transport, entertainment, sports.
  • Upgrade the zebra crossings with warning lights and countdown clocks.
  • Create more safe dropped curbs to access Commercial Centres, shops, bars and restaurants and upgrade existing faulty dropped curbs. Make the city of Orihuela Costa safe for people with disabilities.
  • All road signs be upgraded, clearly posted & reduce the number of large road signs.
  • Introduce reduced or free toll fees for Orihuela Costa Residents.
  • Move Thursday Market to a more suitable venue to stop plastic wastage floating into the sea causing serious pollution. Move Saturday Market to a more appropriate area, which might well be the parking opposite la Zenia boulevard, which is public.

The only way we can ask for the changes needed to improve our lot is for everyone living in Orihuela Costa to register on the Padron and register their right to vote.

The deadline to register on the Padron and to vote is 31st December 2018. Only 13 weeks. No Vote, NO Voice.

Take a look at our website:  CLAROGRUPO.ORG for information or fb, twitter @claropolitico.

If you are fed up being treated as a second class citizen and want to join us, motivate people to join in the campaign for Financial Autonomy, we meet every Friday [17:00 – 18:00] – C.L.A.R.O meets at El Nacional Restaurant to talk about latest news and concerns. Location: Punta Prima Avenida del Mar 1.

We also meet once a month for coffee and a chat at The Gourmet Café at Zenia Boulevard. Next 5th October 11am.


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