The ‘black widow’ Conchi detained in prison

The 'black widow' Conchi detained in prison

The wheelchair bound woman and her carer, who were both detained last week in Alicante for the murder of her husband of just 2 weeks, have been remanded in custody by the Alicante court of Instruction number, 8 subject to their appearance later in the year at the Superior Court of Justice.

Neither of the two accused was prepared to give a statement and clarify the motive of the murder. However, Conchi, 45, did say before leaving the courthouse that her husband owed her money, referring to a euromillions ticket which she then refused to clarify.

However, this version does not appear in the official proceedings where she simply accepts her right not to testify.

It is understood, however, that the 69-year-old pensioner’s wife told two women with whom she shared a cell in Fontcalent prison, that there were economic interests behind the crime because he had won on EuroMillions. One of he cellmates further stated that when they were in the police cells Conchi told her “keep what we have talked about to yourself”.

Sources close to the investigation have said that the victim’s wife recently took 25,000 euros from the bank, 10,500 euros of which was loaned to the deceased, an account that the family and the friend of the victim who lent his van denied.

The murder took place less than 2 weeks ago when the 69 year old victim went to Alicante after being invited to a “romantic dinner” by his wife, but in reality it was an assignation that cost him his life. The pair had been married for just two weeks.

He was stabbed to death by his wife, Conchi, a 45-year-old wheelchair bound woman, and her carer, a 58-year-old man, but the assault was witnessed by an off duty national policewoman who ran to the pensioner’s aid whilst calling for police assistance. Agents from the Motorcycle Group of the Provincial Civil Security Brigade were quickly on the scene where the couple were overpowered and subsequently arrested.

At the court appearance on Tuesday the lawyer for the family, Aitor Prieto, said that the motive for the murder remains unclear, but he was confident that it will be established by the police and the court. In addition, he said that the family has several lines of research and in the end they will know the truth. He added that the family of the victim is “hurt and dismayed because they have lost a loved one and they want justice.”


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