Leading lawyer calls for cyclists to face punishment

Leading lawyer calls for cyclists to face punishment

A senior British lawyer has called for the government to introduce the same punishment as motorists for cyclists who break traffic laws.

Nick Freeman says that cyclists who ride through red lights, fail to stop at junctions and weave in and out of the traffic, should, like motorists, be subject to a point system and pay fines or more where appropriate.

He says that to introduce this cyclists must be identifiable and as such he is asking either that bikes are issued with registration plates or all cyclists are issued with numbered tabards which are registered to them individually (and not the bike).

“At the moment the cyclist can commit road traffic offences with impunity. And since bikers should wear helmets, they are difficult to identify and can weave quickly through traffic. So how are they supposed to be apprehended?”

He has also slammed the Government for playing lip service to road safety with proposals to introduce new legislation to deal with cyclists who kill pedestrians.


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