Five year old girl seriously injured during Elche Nit de l’Albà

Five year old girl seriously injured during Elche Nit de l'Albà

The Elche City Council said that the only serious injury incurred during Wednesday’s annual fireworks display, the Nit de l’Albà, is a five-year-old girl who suffered head injuries following the collapse of a gantry, requiring her to be transferred to the Hospital de Alicante .

In total, 38 people were treated for injuries or burns. Of these, 25 were men and 13 women, the oldest of which is 70 years old.

The mayor, Carlos Gonzalez, and the Councillor of Fiestas, Pepe Perez, both said that they were relatively pleased with the outcome which saw 5 fewer injuries than last year.

The Nit de l’Albà had additional security support composed of policemen, firemen, members of civil protection and the ambulance services to ensure that the most spectacular night of the ilicitanas fiesta was enjoyed with the least possible number of incidents. In addition to the security support the General University Hospital of Elche and Vinalopó supplemented their staff to provide additional assistance if required.

The breakdown of the total number of injured due to accidents related to the use of fireworks of which 4 were treated at the General Hospital of Elche, 1 at the Vinalopó Hospital , 4 at the Health Care Point (PAS) of Toscar , 5 in the new PAS of Altabix and 24 by the ambulance service. This year the El Altet Continuous Care Point (PAC) said that it had no patients whatsoever.

During the night, more than 2,000 kilos of gunpowder was used by the organisers, Ferrández fireworks.



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