Arrests made after knives thrown at Pilar Police

Arrests made after knives thrown at Pilar Police

Policia Local in Pilar de la Horadada have arrested four youths, all of about 20 years of age, after they barricaded themselves inside a villa during the early hours of Friday morning in an effort to avoid arrest.

The four men were attempting to rob the property in Torre de la Horadada at about 3am but they were surprised by a police patrol. They promptly locked themselves on the first floor from which they began to throw all kinds of loose objects at the police below, including a number of sharp knives, in order to avoid arrest.

The police were called to the scene by a number of local residents who were awoken by the activity of the thieves inside the house.

On arriving at the scene they found a broken window and open doors on the lower level. Once inside there was evidence of the robbery with drawers and cupboards ransacked and clothing thrown around the rooms. There was also movement upstairs as the thieves continued with their illegal activities, still unaware that the officers were downstairs.

After being cornered, the four thieves then barricaded themselves in the upper floor and started throwing all kinds of objects at the agents, electrical appliances, chairs, broken glass and even knives that they had found in the house.

Having called a further six local policemen as backup the officers were then able to access the upper floor and affect the arrest after which the four detainees were transferred to the Guardia cells in Torre de la Horadada .