A true star lives on 60 years after his death.

A true star lives on 60 years after his death.

Almost 60 years since Leaning on a Lampost and My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock icon George Formby’s death – a true star lives on.

Los Montesinos, Alicante, author Andrew Atkinson is to publish a third Edition of Formby’s Lost Love in 2018, due to continued interest in late ukulele star George Formby.

“Formby’s Lost Love was initially published in November 2015, with the book’s second Edition published in May 2017,” said Author, Los Montesinos based Andrew Atkinson.

Andrew, who has been featured within world-wide Media coverage, including America, and the BBC, said: “Formby’s Lost Love is the biography of icon Formby’s fiancee Pat Howson.

“A Religious Education teacher, Pat died aged 46, from ovarian cancer, a decade after Formby’s passing of a heart attack in my home City of Preston, Lancashire in 1961.”

Andrew, 60, is set to undertake shows, both in the UK and Spain, to talk about his career as a journalist and author, spanning 40 years during 2018-20.

“It’s almost 60 years since George Formby died,” said Andrew, who has appeared on Spain TV channel Viva TV’s ‘Let’s Talk Show’.

“A reflection of a true star and legend. Formby – Leaning on a Lamppost and My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock icon – lives on,” said Andrew.

Andrew is scheduled to undertake a Formby’s Lost Love book signing in Los Montesinos, Alicante, Spain this year (venue and date TBC).

To pre-order a signed copy of Formby’s Lost Love contact author Andrew for further details on: lancashiremedia@gmail.com


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