Helens story – Contacting the Samaritans by text

Helen's Story - Contact the Samaritans by Text

I felt calmer, more at ease, and ready to make my own decisions after confiding in the Samaritans.

Helen used Samaritans’ text service to help her through problems she was having with her partner.

Helen found it easier to use the Samaritans text service

Nowhere else to turn

“I have contacted Samaritans by text a number of times. It was mainly around the time I was having problems with my (now ex) partner.

“I needed someone to talk to, in confidence, without anyone knowing. I was feeling really low, upset, angry and worried about my relationship, and didn’t know where else to turn.

“I heard about the texting service through a friend. As I have a hearing impairment, phone calls can be very difficult for me and I am more at ease when texting people, so it was a great option for me.

“Samaritans helped me by listening (well reading!) to what I said and responding by asking questions and offering support.

“My experience of using the text service was good, even though there were times when I had to wait a while for a response.

“I felt calmer, more at ease, and ready to make my own decisions after confiding in them.

“I think my life would be quite different if I hadn’t sought help from Samaritans.

“I still experience problems with depression and anxiety, but I am much better than I was when I first contacted Samaritans.

“The Samaritans’ text service is fantastic, particularly for people like me who have problems with anxiety as you don’t have to speak. I have recommended it to a few of my friends.

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