Orihuela announces imminent award of beach bar contract

Orihuela announces imminent award of beach bar contract
Orihuela announces imminent award of beach bar contract

Councillors Luisa Boné (Beaches) and Francisco Sáez (Recruitment and contracts) have confirmed the decision of the Administrative Court that rejects the claims made by two local companies with regard to the procedure that is adjudicating the tender documentation for the beach bar contract and that have forced a delay with its processing.

 Sáez said, “the decision shows that the work done by the municipality is correct and that there are no irregularities in the process, as the appellants claimed.” The councillor has announced that the two  other appeals lodged by the same appellants will also be dismissed by the Local Government Board, taking into account the legal reports that are already contained in the file.

With this news Boné has said that the final process of evaluation which will consider the economic offer of the bidders and the proposal of adjudication will get underway this coming week  so that the services could be awarded before the end of the month.

“We hope to be able to provide all the services as soon as possible, once the confirmation of the legality of the procedure has been formally received.”

For us and for the Oriolans we have done what we had and we have done it well “, Boné has added.

I think, however, that the vast majority of coastal residents might have a rather different view with many calling for it to be reflected at the next municipal elections.


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