More fake goods seized in Torrevieja

More fake goods seized in Torrevieja

The Local Police Operative Reinforcement group (GRO) has confiscated nearly 1,000 counterfeit products valued 10,000 euros on the local market.

The operation got underway last Sunday when the GRO arrested two people, said to be the ringleaders of a group of men who were selling the counterfeit goods. Just after midnight the police then sent patrols out onto the streets where they seized the counterfeit products including handbags, shoes, trainers and clothing.

During the summer season, the Group will have a special taskforce which will focus on the street sale of counterfeit products in order to prevent unfair competition with those traders who operate legally.

The work carried out by the GRO is widely praised in the city and as well as continuing to perform security and traffic duties in the municipality, there will be greater control in the area of tourist protection.

The unit that operates from El Alto de la Casilla is focused on the management of large human concentrations, walks, markets, shows … standing out in recent years for its effectiveness against the street peddling of illegal products in which, unlike those on the Orihuela Costa, it has achieved excellent results in curtailing street vendors.


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