Environmental campaign launched for children

The Orihuela councillor for Beaches, Luisa Boné

The Orihuela councillor for Beaches, Luisa Boné, has launched an activity “Manual of Good Practices on the Beach” the objective of which is to teach and educate children as to how they should behave when they visit the beach.

The programme was introduced in schools last month but it is now being continued in summer schools.

Brochures have been distributed in Spanish and English with a fun section in which there are a series of guides are issued regarding recycling, animal protection, how to act in case of seeing a jellyfish, how to properly use the footbaths on the beaches to save water, etc …

These booklets are being distributed to the children in conjunction with lectures provided by departmental staff.

A second campaign consists of fun stickers with children’s motifs that have been placed around the  in the footbaths on the beaches. Boné explained that “o the sticker shows two pictures, one correct and one incorrect, of a child using the footbath to wash their feet and the same child using the footbath to fill a bucket to make a sandcastle.

“What we have tried to achieve with this campaign is that youngsters understand that the water supplied to the footbaths is not for them to play and also to raise awareness of the need to save water,” said the councillor

These campaigns will continue during the whole of July at all summer schools on the Orihuela Costa.


  1. This is what I also encourage my children to. When children are taught how to take care of the environmental at a young age the effect in the long term is better. it’s a bit difficult to change an adult as the behaviors have already set in.