Montgo Golf Presidents Trophy

Montgo Golf Presidents Trophy

On Friday 22nd June, Montgo Golf Society played the inaugural President’s Cup trophy  competition….with a field of only 29 players as the summer exodus begins to hit and our captain briefly joins in. 

We were pleased to welcome back Phil Conisbee who left us for a pub in Surrey a couple of years back, and Brian and Feli Baybut, here just for the week awaiting completion of their mansion in Scotland. We also welcomed Paco del Pozo, playing with us as a guest for the first time

The Course was in great shape for this weeks competition as it continues to recover from the necessary ground work carried out recently

Scoring this week in medal play was competitive but there was one player who left everyone else in his wake, Jim Hayward with a net 69 and who now awaits a nervous session with the handicap cutter. Second Mick Farmer with a 71 third Susie Snelling with a 72 and fourth the inform Peter Gardiner with a 73 ……

There were nearest the pins on all 4 par 3’s but only 3 winners, no-one able to hit the 6th. 3rd won by…Tom Atkinson at 6.94m. 11th …Shaun O’Gorman 2.94. and 16th… Colin Foster 4m . Only one 2 and Roy Jones picked that up. Next week another medal comp with John and Susie Snelling sponsoring


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