Charges for plastic bags from 1 July

Charges for plastic bags from 1 July

In order to reduce the number of plastic bags the Spanish Government has passed a Royal Decree to charging for all bags, except ultra-light bags and thicker, recyclable bags.

The law represents a first step in freeing our natural environment from plastic bags and raising awareness amongst consumers about the importance of reducing their consumption of these bags. From 2020, thicker bags must have at a recycled plastic content of at least 50% –Spain will become a pioneer in the EU by prohibiting oxo-fragmentable carrier bags.

Moreover, from January 1st 2021, lightweight and ultra-lightweight bags will be banned, with the exception of compostable bags, in coordination with the obligation for these bags to be compostable to coincide with the full implementation of segregated collection of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste.

The new legislation will see the creation of a Producer Registry for the purpose of reducing the consumption of light plastic carrier bags in Spain. The Royal Decree transposes the EU Directive into Spanish law and also creates a registry to enable information to be gathered on the plastic bags placed on the market in Spain.


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