Samaritans in Spain – Maria’s story

Samaritans in Spain

TV star, Maria Fowler, 26, (from the TV show ‘The Only Way is Essex’, has battled with depression for almost two years, and she attempted to take her own life.

Maria has sought support from Samaritans and is now helping to raise awareness of its service for people struggling to cope.

“I felt like I had everything going for me. I was happy, enjoying being part of TOWIE, and had a great life.

“I’ve always battled with depression, but when I was on the show I was so busy I put on a mask to hide my feelings.

“When I left the show, my life changed and I wasn’t sure what direction to take. It felt like I was existing, but with no real purpose.

“The low point came when some false allegations were printed about me. It destroyed my life, I became insecure and I didn’t know who to trust. 

“I had no friends or family around me, I was spending a lot of time on my own, and suicidal feelings started entering my head.

“One day, my partner and I had a huge row, things had reached boiling point for me, and I wanted it all to go away.

“I felt so desperate. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live. I felt like a caged animal.

“It was a cry for help – I didn’t have anyone to turn to. I attempted to end my life, but thankfully, a call from my friend saved my life as he called an ambulance to help me.

Talking to Samaritans was like having a non-judgemental friend, who had all the time in the world for me, something that is hard to come by in real life, they were a fantastic source of support, I only wish I’d got in touch with them earlier.

“I want to turn a negative into a positive and make sure no one else gets to the point where they feel that life isn’t worth living.

“It is so important that people talk about their problems, and if things are getting too much, Samaritans is available around the clock.”

To Contact Samaritans call Freephone 900 525 100

 or email


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