Orihuela Costa’s summer without Beach Bars

Carolina Gracia, PSOE

Carolina Gracia, the spokesperson of the Orihuela PSOE, predicted last week that the Orihuela Costa could be without Chirunguito’s (beach bars) for the whole of the summer period.

She said that her doubts increased following her attendance at last week’s governing board where she could see no clear procedure being followed in regard to the processing of the six tenders.

Gracia told reporters that the contracting technicians have prepared a comprehensive report of their own which advises that the procedure be suspended, although there was no specific reason given for their recommendation.

She will now demand an explanation from the Councillor for Beaches, Luisa Boné (Cs) who she said is being very quiet about the whole process.

The PSOE Councillor said that “we have been restrained with this issue, but it is now getting to a stage where we believe there needs to be an explanation as to exactly what is going on and, therefore, we are going to request a complete briefing from the Councillor of Beaches at the next plenary session.

Gracia predicts that “Orihuela is going to be without chiringuitos all summer” and therefore believes that those responsible for such appalling management must take responsibility “It is not only Boné and her Citizens party, but also the whole of the Partido Popular that has supported the continuation of the tender against the contracts department advice”.

“It seems sensible to us that if the contracts department, who are experts in the field, consider that many of the tendered documents and resources need to be further investigated, they should not continue with the procedure until the matter is resolved,” said Gracia.

The socialist does not understand that Luisa Boné is aware that the appeals filed do not ask to stop the process of publication or adjudication when they ask for the annulment of the announcement of the publication of the procedure and the nullity of the documents, which if paralyzed would be the procedure up and running a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile Luisa Boné said that the City ​​Contracting department has submitted a report to the Central Administrative Court of Contractual Resources (TACRC) in which they detail the reasons why these resources should be rejected.

The report warns that if the bidding process continues, it could cause “damage that will be difficult to repair”, although the government team has decided to continue with the procedures so as not to delay them more.



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