La Pedrera to become Natural Area

La Pedrera to become Natural Area

Bigastro’s councillor for the Environment, Antonio Meseguer, has begun procedures which he hopes will eventually see the area of ​​La Pedrera and la loma de Bigastro declared as a Natural Area.

He told the press on Monday that the initiative will allow the entire area, which is of ​​great ecological, natural and historical value, to acquire protection against any future type of urban threat.

If successful, this natural space, which already has a leisure area, will enable the council to retain outdoor freedom for residents and visitors as well as protecting all of the environmental and educational aspects that the park will be able to offer.

La Pedrera is an area that is already visited by many thousands of people from across the region of the Vega Baja, who come to the area to enjoy a quiet and relaxing time in the park, where they can walk, jog, or cycle along well establish trails alongside a beautiful lake.

Meseguer said that they hope to meet this goal before 2019 “it is important and we ensure that this natural space is protected, preserved and has regular maintenance and improvements once it’s confirmation as a Natural Area has been achieved”.

The Consellería de Medio Ambiente now has has the proposal his desk following which his environmental staff will visit the lake to survey the area to be protected and finally, once all the material has been collected, it will be taken to the municipal plenary session for the go-ahead to submit the initiative and make it official.