Lifeguards at weekends on Orihuela Costa beaches

Lifeguards at weekends on Orihuela Costa beaches

On Tuesday the councillor for Beaches, Luisa Boné, held a press conference at which she detailed the local situation regarding Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish. Four of the jellyfish had been detected since Sunday on the beaches at La Caleta and Cala Capitán and the jellyfish flags had been raised as a precaution.

She said that the beaches would be monitored by members of Civil Protection until the problem had passed.

Víctor Valverde, the Councillor for Emergencies, accompanied Luisa Boné, explaining that “in order to maintain security the staff from both departments will be working together as well as volunteers from Civil Protection. They will be on hand from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. when they will carry out inspections both on land and in the sea.

Boné added that the rescue and lifesaving service will be working on the beaches from this weekend, 26/27 May. “We will maintain this service every weekend until June 15, the start of the high season, after which they will be provided daily. The beaches will now be monitored by “22 lifeguards (2 per beach), a service coordinator and a lifeguard who will man the Jet Ski which will patrol the whole area. There will also be a dedicated ambulance for the beaches.

The councillor then gave an update on the tendering situation for the Chiringuitos service, whose deadline for the submission of bids closed last Thursday, and for which a total of six companies have submitted bids.

The contracts department prepared a report at the request of the Department of Beaches in which they state that bars, as toilets and sunbeds are owned by the municipality. They have communicated the detail of the report to the previous operator, Chiringuitos del Sol, giving them a period of ten working days to respond.


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