If five million people

If five million people

Orihuela resident Nick Moore has launched a new Facebook page with a very simple premise. “If we unite and do good deeds we can make the world a better place.”

He has called the page “IF FIVE MILLION PEOPLE,” recent topics on which have included: convincing neighbours to recycle, explaining why straws are bad for the planet, sharing a charity’s good work. The page posts great information to help us help the planet.  It has a growing audience on Facebook and Nick hopes that by sharing environmental messages, good news and also life-hacks via this popular social media, we can all make a difference to bring a smile and hope.

Nick said “I want to remain positive in a world that is increasingly troubled. I started the page to try to make a difference. I hope people will find us on Facebook or Twitter and share our hope for the future.

If you would like to support Nick’s initiative and help to make the world a better place you can do so by searching for the page by typing in IF FIVE MILLION PEOPLE then clicking LIKE!


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