Tasha Lynch was on Consum Square in La Marina on Sunday morning to say a personal thanks to the many people who have helped raise the funding the make available her US treatment.

With an afternoon flight to catch to Madrid on the first leg of her journey to New York, Tasha was clearly emotional as she bade a fond farewell to her many supporters.

She made mention of quite a number with especial acknowledgements for Stevie Spit, Nikki Gale and the many entertainers who have provided their talents free during the recent months of fundraising. 

She thanked Eileen Gleave for her endless hours running around selling raffle tickets and Nicky Richardson who has spent hours by her hospital bed, doing hair and nails, and most importantly, for being a shoulder to cry on.

We all wish Tash so very much as, on Tuesday, her treatment finally becomes a reality.


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