Rojales Pantomime Group – cheque presentation

Rojales Pantomime Group - cheque presentation

The Grupo Pantomima are extremely pleased to be able to make a donation to the Ayuntamiento of Los Montesinos from monies raised for various charities from the three performances of the Pantomime, Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves, which was performed at the Auditorio de la Escuela de Musica y Cultura in Los Montesinos in January 2018.

500 Euros has been allocated by the Town Hall for food tickets to be distributed to people in need of the municipality of Los Montesinos by social services.   

400 Euros has also been donated for the purchase of instruments for the Banda Infantil de la Escuela de Musica.

Pictured here is Alejandra Espi from the Auyntamiento receiving the monies from John Fagg, Chairman of the Grupo Pantomima and Thelma Judson, Director together with cast members and officials of the Ayuntamiento.

A total of 3000€ was raised with other presentations taking place shortly


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