L.A. Master Florist teaches floral design workshop in Xàbia

L.A. Master Florist teaches floral design workshop in Xàbia

Master Florist Dante Carmassi and local Florist Lupe Miñana will teach the latest trends in ecological International floral design, demonstrating emerging fashions in floral arrangements and techniques.

The latest trends in international floral art will be shared in Xàbia next weekend with the workshop that will be given by the prestigious international florist Dante Carmassi and the Xabieran Lupe Miñana. The workshop will take place on the terrace of the Salt restaurant, a space that overlooks the Arenal beach and the iconic Montgo Mountain – a location that captures all the beauty of the Mediterranean, a stunning location for an event to create and share the beauty of this wonderful region. The floral workshop will be held on April 7 and 8.

Carmassi is one of the great influencers of modern floral design, has worked designed events in Hollywood for Penelope Cruz and other great movie stars. He created all the floral arrangements for the successful ABC TV program “The Bachelor”.

Carmassi is currently developing his international floral design brand across Europe between London and Palma de Mallorca, where celebrities invite him to design their events.

One of his most spectacular works was the floral arrangements of the polo tournament sponsored by Cartier at Windsor Castle. He was also the head florist of Queen Beatrix of Holland and the embassy of that country. Carmassi is, therefore, an internationally recognized authority in floral art and his designs are setting trends in this small universe of creation in the 21st century. He is also one of the pioneers in the application of ecological techniques in floristry.

Now in the Marina Alta professional florists and floral artists and fans of this art have the opportunity to learn first-hand all the secrets and latest fashions of floristry through an international master, accompanied by Lupe Miñana a local leading florist. Miñana studied in London with Shane Connolly, the florist to the English royal family. Since her return to Spain her career in this field has been unstoppable.

One of the attractions of the workshop is that Dante and Lupe will use locally sourced fauna, wild flowers of the Marina Alta, such as pistachio trees, olive trees and lavenders and wild flowers – that, with the arrival of spring, have exploded in all their beauty. They will share with the course participants the importance of preserving protected botany local fauna and having an environmental approach to floristry.

Mainly using the native seasonal flowers that abound in the Costa Blanca but in bouquets, creating arrangements that have an extraordinary beauty and wonderful fresh fragrances. The workshop will begin with the design and completion of a “wedding centre piece”- a spectacular centre for weddings and large celebrations, as well as flowers to wear such as crowns, corsages and buttoneers. The Course will also cover more contemporary floral arrangements currently in vogue – All the floral creations will be themed to capture the essence of the Mediterranean in spring and Ecological sustainability


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