Torrevieja uses unmarked cars to identify uncivil behavour

Torrevieja uses unmarked cars to identify uncivil behavour

The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón (Los Verdes), has announced the introduction of a local police unit to address the problem of illegal dumping and a number of other community concerns that he described as ‘uncivil activities’.

These all relate to events that affect the everyday life of the general public but which don’t currently attract the attention that they deserve in such a large residential area.

As well as the uncontrolled dumping of pruning and debris, other items include the cleaning and fencing of private lots, faults with public lighting and traffic lights, dog droppings on pavements and a lack of maintenance in public parks.

Dolón assured that the unit is already producing very encouraging results that are beginning to be visible with the public, “with a subsequent decline in uncivil activities.”

The patrol has three agents and its base is located in the La Siesta urbanisation La Siesta, in a municipal location that was previously used by the GRO. The agents are using unmarked, usually old vehicles that have been seized but remain to be claimed.

The patrol began its work with a single agent who was later joined by a second officer, in addition to a third policeman who performs support functions.

Although the main function of the patrol is the control of fly tipping and the illegal dumping of green waste, they also monitor green areas and public parks, as well as a review of infrastructures related to the lighting, pavements or asphalting, street furniture and traffic lights.

They are also carry out checks of fencing and cleaning of private lots, abandoned vehicles, animal droppings as well as sanctioning people who walk dogs without a chain or muzzle where such attachments are required.

They also try to meet with the representatives of associations in order to advise on security, and Immigration or residency.

The patrol is also handing out key-rings and cards with the telephone numbers of where they can be reached and their presence “is achieving a decrease in uncivil behaviour,” the mayor said.


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