Orihuela unveils a new weather station on the coast

Orihuela unveils a new weather station on the coast

On Wednesday the mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, officially unveiled a new meteorological station, located on the roof of the Orihuela Costa Town Hall, which will gather more accurate information on the different atmospheric and meteorological conditions that occur in the municipality.

“This equipment will be very useful for Orihuela, offering us a greater ability to anticipate weather conditions,” said the mayor. “In this way, we will be better prepared to face adverse weather such as heavy rains or storms with large swells,” he added.

The unveiling was also attended by the Councilor for the Environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, as well as the councillors for tourism and for the coast, Sofía Álvarez and Luisa Boné, respectively. The mayor was also accompanied by Juan José Alonso, manager of Hidraqua, and Pedro Gómez, director of Meteorihuela.

“An ability to provide an accurate weather forecast is fundamental to the life of the general public and the growth in economic activity,” Fernandez said, ” since, for example, it allows farmers to better determine the frequency of irrigation of their crops thanks to the data that we can provide.”

Juan José Alonso said that “it is a tool that also enables Hidraqua workers, through rainfall records, to properly quantify the capacity of rainwater networks and prevent flooding in the municipality .”

The data collected will offer daily and historical records of temperature, humidity, rain, wind, UVA index or solar radiation, and will be available through the Orihuela council website at www.orihuela.es.

The introduction of this new meteorological station coincided with the commemoration of World Meteorology Day.


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