A question of priorities!

Orihuela Costa Rotonda Villamartin

I understand the residents frustration at lack of action by the council, what I do not understand is the amount of time and money that it has taken to create a roundabout in Los Dolses, does the council have any idea of priorities?, the school in Los Dolses is falling down around the children’s heads, but hey let’s build a lovely roundabout.

We frequently use the road on the way to Cabo Riog market, and try to give pedestrians a wide berth, not always easy if another vehicle is approaching in the opposite direction.

The roads are full of potholes, some roads looking like they are a testing ground for tanks, but let’s tinker about with the hours shops can open instead of doing something really useful.

Really? Is it not about time the council pulled it’s collective fingers out and do something useful, or ship out and let someone who is prepared to do something take over.

Jane Pritchard, Montegolf.



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