The Outrageous Mis-Management of the Orihuela Costa Emergency Services Centre

 C.L.A.R.O demonstration in front of the skeleton construction of the Orihuela Costa Emergency Services Centre one year ago

  • CLARO Press Release
  • 9 years of delay

This is one of the most scandalous examples of bad political management of the coast by the different governments of Orihuela Town Hall.   

Nine years have elapsed since the announcement of its construction.  An astonishing delay that affects the security of a tax-paying population of about 40,000 increasing to more than 150.00 in peak tourists seasons.

Since construction was first announced in 2009, this vital infrastructure has been paralysed because of a lack of political interest by the Orihuela municipal government, combined with difficulties with successive governments of Valencia. Excuses have ranged from bankruptcy of the builder to budgetary and planning issues.   All easily overcome with the right political will.  The end result is that the project is within a year of losing the essential subsidy that will finance its completion.

The centre would include in its 5000 square metres, all the basic emergency services for a major population:  a local police station open 24 hours and not as now 8 hours while the Playa Flamenca municipal offices are open and the rest of the day a service provided through the  mobile phone of a police patrol car;   plus an ambulance service, fire station, civil protection, national police and Guardia Civil.  

This would amount to a comprehensive set of services that would result in a major improvement in the safety and quality of life of those living in Orihuela Costa.

CLARO calls (for the third time) a peaceful, legal DEMONSTRATION on Sunday April 1 at 10.00 in front of the skeleton of the building, next to the parking of Consum in La Zenia.   All residents, groups and interested associations are invited to take part and to urge the Government of ORIHUELA to press the GENERALITAT of Valencia to resume and Complete URGENTLY the Emergency Services Centre of Orihuela Costa





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