Meet their rescue puppies at Pets in Spain Easter Fayre

Pets in Spain

The Pets In Spain animal charity has organised Easter Fayre events at both charity shops on Easter Saturday with an invitation for people to meet recently rescued mothers from a ruthless puppy farm breeder.

In recent months, and in collaboration with other animalista groups in Spain, they have rescued 70 puppy farm mothers and fathers. Tallulah is one of them, a Shih-Tzu with an old untreated injury, a broken jaw. She must have endured constant pain even while mothering her puppies, all of which were sold by the ruthless breeder whose only interest was the thousands of Euros raked in from sales.

Meet their rescue puppies at Pets in Spain Easter Fayre
Meet their rescue puppies at Pets in Spain Easter Fayre

Like all the others, Tallulah, age 4 years, was restrained in a filthy faeces covered cage and used purely as a puppy making machine. She needs three more surgical procedures on her jaw, also on her mammaries and sterilisation.

Four adult chihuahua mothers, each just 2/3 kilos, have multiple scars from previous caesarian births. One of them is Oreo, and the reason for her health problems was revealed when the vets at the animal hospital in Guardamar operated on her last week. They discovered that during a previous caesarian procedure by person or persons unknown to extract puppies, her bladder, bowel and uterus were displaced causing twisted tubes, blockages and blood loss to her vital organs. At the animal hospital Oreo’s internal organs were realigned successfully and she has been sterilised.

All the rescued puppy farm dogs needed veterinary treatment and some of them have since been adopted, the others, including Tallulah and Oreo, are in caring foster homes and still under veterinary supervision funded by the charity.

The date for your diary to go along to show your support for the work the charity does and meet rescued puppy farm dogs at the Easter Fayre is Saturday March 31st at the Pets In Spain charity shop situated next door to the Hogs Head bar and grill, calle Francisco de Quevedo, urbanisation La Marina. Please take any items or other donations for the charity to use to raise funds. You can contact the charity on 645 469 253, or email

The charity’s YouTube channel features many live rescue videos:


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