FAOC increases membership to seven associations

FAOC increases membership to seven associations

The Federation of Associations of Orihuela Costa (FAOC) has added the Neighbourhood Association of Cabo Roig and Lomas de Cabo Roig to its ever increasing list of members.

The new addition increases the number of residents associations in membership from six to seven.

A spokesman for FAOC said, “We have now grown from six to seven member organisations which means that we have increased our borders. This will allow us to place additional focus the requirements of the very important areas of Cabo Roig, Lomas de Cabo Roig, Aguamarina and a number of other adjacent urbanizations of the Orihuela Costa”.

The Board of Directors of the Federation of Associations are grateful for the trust placed in their efforts by the members of Cabo Roig and Lomas, and reaffirm their objective “to always work toward identifying the needs, with the sole objective of improving the municipal services that Orihuela Costa justifies “.

FAOC now adds Cabo Roig and Lomas to its list of member associations, Villamartin, Las Filipinas Dehesa de Campoamor, Altos del Pinar, Playa de La Glea and Calas de Campoamor.

FAOC is a non-political group that works on behalf of the people of the Orihuela Costa. It strongly feels that there is a need for vast improvements to be made to the municipal services (street cleaning, rubbish collection and gardens etc) AND the coastal infrastructures (road and street maintenance, pavements, street lightning, cultural centre etc), in order to meet the real needs of its residents.

They say that by standing together, residents of the Orihuela Costa are far more likely to achieve a level of services and infrastructures that they need and deserve. In strength they say that the area will be in a much better position to demand that the Town Hall in Orihuela delivers on its promises and obligations.

The FAOC will advise residents on the associations that are currently available in the area, which they might wish to join, or alternatively, simply provide information about the procedures required to form your own association. You may direct your queries to: info@faoc.es


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