Fighting the Sun – The Importance of Eyewear

Fighting the Sun – The Importance of Eyewear

Summer holidays are an event which many of us have fond memories of or look forward to. What most of us don’t care for so much is the burns which are left by the scorching of the sun. Even when out of season, the big guy in the sky is relentless, and can cause enormous pain and damage when we aren’t aware. Something many of us overlook is the damage the sun can cause to our eyes, and this is something of which we should really be much more aware.
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Sunburn? Eyeburn
Spend any decent amount of time in the sun and the ultraviolet radiation will cause us to tan. It will also cause us damage, as our skin is only so good at acting as a natural barrier. This is the reason we carry sunblock, to help screen some of the harm, and get away without the negative effects. What we also need to keep in mind is that our eyes are just as soft as our skin, and unlike our skin we can’t rub sunscreen into them (trust us).
The same sun which can cause cancer in the skin can cause permanent harm and damage to our eyes, so you and your family need to keep in mind that covering up these delicate organs is very important, and should never be overlooked. Just as daily lenses should be put in every day to see, sunglasses should be worn every day to protect.
It’s Not That Bright!
Just because it doesn’t look very bright outside does not mean that the harmful UV rays are not reaching you. Just as you can easily become sunburned on a cloudy day, eye harm can also be caused through the cover of a clouded sky.
It should also be noted that just like with sunblock, there are different qualities of sunglasses available. While buying a cheap pair at the corner shop might seem fine, these are usually not equipped to offer the proper coverage offered by a professionally created pair. Finding stores online, or quality pairs which fit your style, is a simple and convenient task, and can quickly prepare you for your time outside. Pairs sold on sites like the ones sold on Vision Direct will avoid the problems with knockoff products, while also not breaking the bank.
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But I Already Wear Glasses!
This is a common problem for those of us who wear corrective lenses. While it is possible to buy corrective lenses that protect against the sun, there is often a much cheaper alternative. Instead of buying an entire set of new glasses, simply combine your sunglasses with cheap contact lenses and you’ll be ready to go. You can also buy contact lenses online, which also removes the inconvenience of having to go into a physical store.
Be Safe, Not Sorry
Aside from the damage to your eyes yourself, the sun can also damage the skin around your eyes, leading to visible damage and premature aging, another bonus effect of wearing proper eye protection. There is such a wide range available that everybody can find a style right for them if they are fashion conscious. The ease of combination with contact lenses also combats the other main problem which so many of us have. You owe it to yourself to look after your eyes now. Your future self and your future wallet will thank you.


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