Emerald Isle Bowls Cub Elwyn Morris

Emerald Isle Berleed team, Watson, Parsons, Morris and Cameron

Monday took the Titans to Vistabella Drivers and in an weather affected game finished after 72 ends bowled the result was a win for the Emerald Isle by 8-6 aggregate, 73-65, winners were P Willicott D Gerrard A M Stevenson 25-5, M Riley K Jolliffe G Odell 12-8 and there were two trips level S Wickens S Johnson D Birkett 12-12 and D Jones L Vincent I Brewster 11-11

The Neptunes played at home against La Marina Pathfinders and had a good 10-4 win aggregate of 125-92, winning trips were B Doran D Rhodes E Bennett 41-15, C Ayling C Warner G Shatwell 27-16, M Shatwell S Watson T Harris 18-12, R Adams A Malcolm M Breen 18-12

The Moonrakers played Greenlands Maples and suffered a 0-14, 57-185 defeat.

Wed saw the Emerald Isle travel to top of the league San Luis and they slipped to a 8-4 defeat, aggregate of 74-95. The winning rinks were B Doran J Westall M Odell C Lindgren 21-14, R White A Brown A M Stevenson D Gerrard 17-13. The Berleen was won by San Luis

Thursday the Leprechauns played at home to San Miguel Mohawks and lost 8-0 aggregate 35-64

The Cavaliers were at home on Friday playing Mazarron Miners and they had a good 10-4 aggregate 115-88, the winning trips were R White J Westall S Westall 25-8, A M Stevenson L Vincent C Lindgren 25-12, C Parsons M Parsons J Rimmer 20-16, and M Riley M Veale I Brewster, D Jones K Jolliffe D Gerrard both drew 16-16

Claymores were away at Horadada Royals and had a fine 10-4 win aggregate of 100-72, winning trips were L Harris M Petty G Shatwell 21-10, S Kavanagh D Rhodes A Malcolm 21-10, R Adams C Warner M Breen 19-14, B Doran E Morris A Burns 14-9

The Outlaws played at home in the afternoon against San Miguel Cougars and they were beaten 2-12, aggregate of 75-120, winning trip was D Martin J Dear M Willicott 17-15


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