Council puts Children’s Health at risk

Council puts Children’s Health at risk

Parents at Los Dolses school say that they are absolutely disgusted by the council’s failure to repair the children’s toilets that have been broken for over 5 months.

They say that the maintenance of the school is “the responsibility of the City of Orihuela Costa, but they seem to be in no hurry to solve the problem.” T

“School administrators informed the City Council’s maintenance department 5 months ago, but they have done absolutely nothing,” said School Board member Isabel Llombart.

Dirty water from the school drains flows into the toilet and spills out onto the floor. This causes a danger to public health, as well as a danger to the children because of the slippery floors.

The toilet has been closed which means that more and 200 students are now having to use the same ablutions causing long queues during break periods and lunchtimes.

The problem was discovered by one of the parents, a plumber by profession, after children, teachers and cleaners reported that the floor was always wet,

As a result, the service was closed by the Centre Director, Isaac Bonafé, who said “the leakage presented a risk to public health that could create an outbreak of infectious diseases in school.”


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