Fourteen Georgians arrested at San Javier airport

Fourteen Georgians arrested at San Javier airport
Fourteen Georgians arrested at San Javier airport

Fourteen Georgian citizens, all in possession of false documents, have been arrested at San Javier Airport since the beginning of the year, along with a Latvian man who is accused of being their trafficker.

The Georgians have been accused of the falsification of documents while the Latvian has been charged with trafficking human beings.

A spokesman for the National Police, who made the arrests, said that an investigation has been carried out into a criminal organization dedicated to introducing Georgian citizens into Spain, normally using Barajas and El Prat airports, by using original and authentic documentation.

Once in Spain, the passengers were then transferred to different locations in the country, staying in hotels until they can be provided with false documents, identity cards and passports from Eastern European countries. This then enables them to travel to other EU countries where immigration agreements are in place with Spain.

With the false documents in its possession, the organization moves travellers to different airports in the country with the aim of moving them to Ireland and the United Kingdom, using Spain not only as a country for their transit but also where they can be provided with false identity documentation.

The operation has been carried out by the National Police located in the San Javier airport border post, together with members of the Provincial Immigration Brigade belonging to the Police Headquarters of Murcia, in cooperation with the different airlines that operate at the airport.


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