Carp R Us Spring Series

Carp R Us Fishing Club
Carp R Us Fishing Club

The first round of the Spring Series saw the club fish the drain near Mercadona in Guardamar. Each time we have visited this venue the fishing seems to have got harder. There are always plenty of fish visible, but they just don’t seem to be feeding at the moment…roll on Spring! First was Geoff Tempest with 2.04kg caught on pole and corn, second was Steve Fell with 1.76kg caught on pole with bread and third was Jeremy Fardoe with 1.74kg using the same method.

The club is always keen to get new members. If you are interested contact the secretary, Steve Fell, on 634379081.

Further information about the club can be found on its website or on our Facebook page Carp-R-Us Fishing Costa Blanca.


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